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Postpartum Q & A

Postpartum Q & A

What is postpartum care?

The term postpartum defines your time after childbirth. It’s also a time that you, as a mother, need medical evaluation and perhaps treatment as you adjust to this new phase of life. Just as Dr. Moyers monitors you before and throughout your pregnancy, she stays beside you through the postpartum phase.

After you have your child, you can experience sadness, feeling overwhelmed, and a lack of sleep. You might also be disappointed in your body if it doesn’t bounce right back to where it was before pregnancy.

Postpartum care addresses your health needs during this period.


What does postpartum care provide?

When you visit Sky Women’s Health, they focus on helping you feel the best you can.

Our postpartum care involves:

  • Helping you rebalance your postpartum body
  • Relieving any neck, back, and pelvic pain with osteopathic manipulation treatment (OMT) 
  • Providing postpartum depression screening
  • Coaching and care for breastfeeding if applicable

You might also experience pain or have a low libido after the birth of your child, which is normal. Dr. Moyers can help you restore your sexual desire and function on your terms.

If you’re ready to get your body moving again, postpartum care includes guidance on safely returning to exercise as you listen to what your body tells you it can do.

In addition, if your newborn needs craniosacral therapy to normalize their nervous system after delivery, Dr. Moyers provides adjustments for them.


What happens during a postpartum care appointment?

Part of supporting you on your motherhood journey includes being there for you after the baby is born as well. At your visits, your practitioner:

  • Performs a physical examination
  • Checks your vital signs
  • Has you undergo diagnostic testing as needed (urine tests, blood tests)
  • Provides lactation counseling if you’re breastfeeding
  • Provides nutrition counseling

Your health is monitored and charted at each visit to track changes and improvements along the way.


How often should I have postpartum care visits?

Dr. Moyers recommends several appointments based on your individual health needs. For example, if you have a chronic disease or any kind of complications related to your pregnancy or delivery, she may want to see you more frequently.

She also listens to your questions and pays attention to any concerns you might have. She watches for changes in your mood, difficulties with feeding your baby, or any unusual symptoms that might arise. These factors play a role in how often you need to come in.

To experience exceptional postpartum care at Sky Women’s Health, call the friendly office staff or click the online booking option today.