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Sexual Health Q & A

Sexual Health Q & A

What is sexual health ?

Sexual health is the medical care you need in relation to your sexual health and wellness. As you get older, you experience many physiological, mental, and hormonal changes that influence your sex drive and sexual satisfaction. Sexual healt addresses the issues that come from sex or affect your sex life. 


Sky Women’s Health offers plenty of sexual health tests and services to help you maintain or improve your sexual health. While you might feel bashful about bringing up sexual topics at first, Dr. Moyers encourages you to be open so she can provide you with the best possible gynecological care. 


The aim of sexual health is to help you enjoy sex to the best of your ability. Dr. Moyers helps you explore the clinical, social, and emotional aspects of your sexual health. 


Who can benefit from sexual health?

Sexual health provided by a gynecologist benefits women who are experiencing complications or concerns about their sexual function or health. You should plan on visiting Sky Women’s Health if or when you experience:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Pain during sex 
  • Trouble reaching orgasm
  • Low libido
  • Genital sores or growths
  • Vaginismus - hypertonic pelvic floor muscles

Issues surrounding sex can have a number of possible causes. You might experience sexual dysfunction due to trauma or menopause. 


You might also need to visit Sky Women’s Health for sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing, whether you have symptoms or as part of preventive care. For any diagnosis, Dr. Moyers directs you to an appropriate care plan. 


Which services does sexual health cover?

Sky Women’s Health offers several beneficial sexual health services for all patients, including:


STD testing

STD testing can involve a blood draw, swab, or urine sample. Dr. Moyers evaluates the sample for a range of STDs depending on your circumstances. 


Birth control

Birth control is primarily used to prevent pregnancy. Hormonal options can also help with managing gynecological conditions like endometriosis that cause pain during sex. 


Hormone replacement therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment for women in menopause who are experiencing intense symptoms, many of which involve sexual health. Vaginal dryness and low libido can both come from the hormone fluctuations that happen leading up to menopause.


Perscription treatment for low desire

Addyi (flibanserin) and Vylessi (bremelanotide injection) are both used to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). A common, treatable medical condition characterized by ongoing low sexual desire that women find frustrating. Treatment can increase satifsying sexual events, increase desire and reduce distress associated with low sexual desire.


Pelvic floor Botox®

Neurotoxin, Botox or Xeomin, is an injectable that uses a neurotoxin to treat pelvic floor dysfunction and spasms. It also helps treat or prevent pain during sexual intercourse. 



Counseling can help you work past emotional issues or problems in your social life that are preventing you from enjoying a healthy sex life. 


To find out more about sexual health and the services that preserve it, call Sky Women’s Health or book an appointment online today.