Tips for Summer Vaginal Health

Tips for Summer Vaginal Health

Summer is here, and it's time for sun, fun, and a few hot weather health tips! Let’s clear up some myths and keep you feeling fabulous all season long. Spoiler alert: The summer heat won’t directly affect your vagina, an internal organ with its own temperature regulation.

Sizzling Tips for Summer Vaginal Health:

Grooming with Care: Planning to rock that swimsuit? Frequent pubic hair removal can lead to ingrown hairs, razor burn, and folliculitis. Avoid these annoyances by using products like MedicineMama's grooming polish. Remember, professional grooming with proper hygiene is the way to go. After grooming, keep the area clean and watch out for any signs of infection.

Gentle Vaginal Hygiene: Your vagina is a pH-balancing superhero! It doesn’t need extra cleaning just because it’s hot outside. If you experience irritation, itching, or burning of the labia, remove any products that touch the labia (body wash, scented detergents, fabric softeners, pads, panty liners, wipes—you get the picture). For symptom relief, Medicine Mama makes a vulva balm that is organic, hormone-free, and moisturizes while relieving dryness and irritation. Stick to your usual routine, and if you feel any persistant discomfort, skip the feminine hygiene aisle and call your gynecologist instead.

Travel Preparedness: Got travel plans? Don’t forget to pack condoms and birth control. If you're over 40, consider bringing vaginal estrogen and lube. Planning ahead ensures you’re ready for safe and enjoyable adventures.

Debunking Myths: Think wearing a tight or wet bathing suit all day will mess with your vaginal pH? Think again! While it might cause some external irritation, it won’t lead to infections like vaginitis. The vulva’s skin is tough enough to handle everyday friction. Just rinse off chlorine and other irritants to keep things comfortable.

Enjoy your summer with these tips, and as always, reach out to us at Sky Women’s Health for any questions or concerns.