Journey to Becoming an ISSWSH Fellow: Embracing Continuous Learning in Women's Sexual Health

Journey to Becoming an ISSWSH Fellow: Embracing Continuous Learning in Women's Sexual Health

In the realm of medicine, the journey of a physician is one of perpetual growth and evolution (HOPEFULLY). Every patient encounter, every conference attended, and every collaborative effort contributes to an ongoing process of learning and refinement. For me, the path to becoming an ISSWSH fellow has been a transformative journey marked by dedication to filling in the gaps for my patients, integrating sexual health into my practice, and advocating for women's health on various platforms.

My journey began with a pivotal moment at my first ISSWSH conference and course on genitopelvic pain during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was there that I realized the importance of a comprehensive approach to patient examinations, particularly in addressing issues related to sexual health. No longer did I overlook the vulva or rush through assessments. Instead, I prioritized thoroughness, performing a range of examinations and providing detailed explanations to my patients. The impact was profound – patients felt heard, understood, and empowered, leading to enhanced experiences and outcomes.

Integrating sexual health assessments into routine patient care became a cornerstone of my practice. By incorporating simple tools like a decreased sexual desire questionnaire into new patient paperwork, I created opportunities for open dialogue and proactive management of sexual health concerns. Additionally, my background in osteopathic manipulative medicine equipped me with unique skills for addressing pelvic floor issues, fostering collaborations with pelvic floor physical therapists and expanding my services to include innovative treatments like nonsurgical lysis of clitoral adhesions.

Looking ahead, my aspirations extend beyond clinical practice. Armed with a master's degree in clinical research and education, I am eager to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in women's sexual health. By incorporating clinical research into my practice, I aim to establish a center of excellence in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, dedicated to comprehensive care and continuous innovation.

Becoming an ISSWSH fellow represents not only a personal achievement but also a commitment to excellence and advancement in the field of female sexual health. It signifies a dedication to ongoing learning, transformative experiences, and the relentless pursuit of better outcomes for patients. As I continue on this journey, I am inspired by the opportunities ahead and driven by the belief that every step forward brings us closer to a future where sexual health is prioritized, understood, and celebrated.